The self-critical questions of a carpenter

Why buy cabinets, kitchen furniture and carcasses from you?

We are located in Greece (E.U.) and we manufacture the shop models for the most well-known German suppliers and manufacturers of fittings.

If they can trust us, you can trust us, too.

Why do you build all the furniture for them?

We have been exclusively using HÄFELE fittings in Greece for almost 25 years and have formed a top combination of:

1) semi-automated production with panel storage for EGGER
2) a production area of 1700 m²
3) CAD 3-D planning.

This structure is called TENCO Group International and has motivated them to entrust the worldwide production of their shop models into our hands.

So, you are professionals?

My master’s certificate as master carpenter is hanging on my wall. That says it all, as we have created a “small Germany” in our production facilities, here in Greece, for training and manufacture.

Does everything come with the precision we expect?

The precision expected from top fittings is approximately 0.5 to 1 mm.
Our standard has shrunk to 0.1 mm. Thanks to the HOMAG Group, which has supplied the machines for CNC-controlled cutting, drilling, fitting, milling, etc., we are completely sure of that. Moreover, nothing gets confused, as we ourselves work for edge banding with BARCODES.

But what about the material quality?

Here, only top materials from the company EGGER, Rehau and of course HÄFELE are installed. To ensure that these are held together TipTop, the edges and panel material are glued together with PUR adhesive in the hot-melt bonding method by our HOMAG edge banding machine, always in an insoluble and waterproof manner. Our connecting bolts are all mounted to threaded sleeves and are screwed to the correct torque.

Well, you can actually help us. But what about the prices?

The prices always result from the material costs, the labor costs as well as the effectiveness with which the product is produced. Thanks to our strong partners, TENCO Group has developed, so that we import our sheet material on a pallet basis and local carpenters also benefit from this advantage. This Greek network can be also used by any Greek carpenter to inexpensively purchase our items. Furthermore, we have already extended our services to other countries and continents, so that our machines can work in the optimum range. And only well-paid employees are good members of our team. With the help of our innovative workforce, our results can also be seen in all respects.
You are welcome to test us!

Yes, that sounds great. But how do the products come to us?

Here, too, the partnership with a worldwide established clientele is ready to help us. We get weekly supplies with fittings and then load again the trucks with our supplies or furniture. Thus, your orders can be delivered via the forwarding network to the next largest city in Germany. Of course, these costs are borne by the TENCO Group. You can then pick up the goods from these distribution points or have them delivered to your workshop or customer (please arrange the costs with the shipping company).

So, 1000 items come to me, or how does it work?

Everything arrives immaculately in one or more disposable particleboard pallets and includes ALL the necessary parts and fittings, so that everything can be set up immediately. Only normal carpenter tools are needed, and everything is labeled and marked. In addition, a dimensioned 3-D drawing is made available for each order on a PDF file, which shows and explains everything understandably.

What can I tell now my customer for the prices and what sales aids do I need?

TENCO Group has totally comprehended where the problems are. You send us a simple sketch of the desired cabinet or furniture, write down the dimensions and simply send it to our email or fax. Do not forget to note your phone number in case we have any questions! Now you can enjoy our CAD know-how! We have already laid out almost all eventualities in the cabinet construction and can thus within 24 hours reshape the request to the given dimensions, apply the desired material in color to the furniture and send you back the dimensioned cabinet as a PDF file. At this point, the size, color view and of course the function are fully recognizable. But now you want to go a step further and you order us to do a high-definition rendering for your clients. No problem! For a small extra charge, we will send you a photo-like CAD drawing that will convey a perfect picture to your customer, of course without advertising the TENCO Group.

OK, everything has worked well, as my customer ordered. What’s your job after that?

Quite simply, mail, fax or call and we will draft the order confirmation to your company. Here we have specified everything, so that the order can be made shortly in writing by email or fax; a short SEPA transfer of 40% to us and the production begins. Normally we have all materials within 1 week and can thus manufacture the product in the 2nd week. This means that delivery will be made after receiving the final payment of 60% from Thessaloniki in the 3rd week. Deliveries are always picked up on Fridays and are then delivered to the distribution point of our forwarder in Germany near your workshop around next Tuesday to Thursday. After consultation and material storage, this can be done even faster.

Great! I could not have this order delivered without you at this short time and for that little money.

We also enjoyed it and we are looking forward to working with you again. We remain at your convenience with new options, price lists and color charts.

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